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August 29th, 2006


Countdown Flash Executable

There may be more clever Countdown applications out there, but I like mine with all its wobbly buttons. The anagrams and conundrums are included in the game because they are included on TV. In my opinion, a little bit of letter work is good logical reasoning and therefore constitues just as much a maths class warmup as the number problems. It also hooks non-mathematical students into the game, especially if you keep scores in some way!

I appreciate the concerns you may have in downloading and running an executable file (or if you don’t have those concerns, you should!) You download the file at your own risk of course, but it is simply a .swf file wrapped in a Flash Projector. I do it this way because some schools don’t have the latest Flash player installed on their systems. I am as certain as I can be that it is virus free.

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